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Zarya is a host for Queer Diagnosis. She was a pre-med student studying Biochemistry and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Stony Brook University. She is now working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Weill Cornell Medicine. She has been involved in healthcare as an emergency medical technician, medical scribe, and shadowing student in the operating room. Zarya created the podcast as a means to generate meaningful discussion surrounding the LGBTQ+ community that she notes is generally absent in these settings.

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Srihita is a co-host for Queer Diagnosis. As a second-year graduate student at Columbia University studying Economics, she plans to explore the intersection of data analysis and public policy. Srihita hopes to incorporate more sophisticated statistical methods into research on developmental economics and climate policy from an intersectional perspective. Additionally, she would like to explore the roles of gender politics and mental health in research surrounding poverty-alleviating mechanisms.





Jameson is an editor for Queer Diagnosis. Jameson now is doing a BS/MAT Physics Teaching degree at Stony Brook University. Jameson is determined to create a friendly learning environment in his role as a teaching assistant for young children. He hopes to have a long-standing impact on his students through encouragement to share insightful thoughts on speaking to individuality and how each child’s identity contributes to the ecosystem of their class. 



A second-year student at Stony Brook University, Katya is an intern for Queer Diagnosis. She is studying Psychology and is planning to go into law for her graduate studies. She aims to advocate for equal rights for marginalized groups and educate others on the different perspectives of diverse individuals. She hopes to help others develop a greater sense of open-minded thinking and understanding. While also offering others a sense of community and safety. She hopes to work and help Queer, Jewish, and Deaf communities.

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